steam cleaner guide

Steam Cleaners: a Buying Guide for Beginners

There is a new toy in town to help keep your home clean. Steam cleaners are relatively new in the market, and they are taking home cleaning to a new level. They can clean any floor and do it deeper than anything else you have used before. What is better about these cleaners is that they offer a green option and of course a healthier one. It is a piece of equipment you should already have in your home.

However, you will not only get up and pick a steam cleaner best for your needs. It is a bit harder than that. There are considerations you have to make before you can get the right equipment for your needs.

Ease of use

easy of useSmall and light steam cleaners are very easy to handle. They give you the comfort of handling, and you never have to worry about getting tired when you clean your home. However, these small options do not offer a deep cleaning as you would want. The heavy types will do the deep cleaning, but you will have to put up with discomfort and hard handling. Anyone buying a steam cleaner must address this conundrum to get their choices right.

Noise level

Fortunately, steam cleaners are quieter than their cousins in vacuum cleaners. But this does not mean that they do not make any noise at all. If you are concerned about noise, then you should go for brands that offer the quiet option. They will make a very mild noise, and you would not mind that as long as they do a good job.


Weight and size

There are residential and commercial steam cleaners. They come in different sizes, weight, and shapes. For a single home use, you do not need a heavy cleaner. A small and light one will get the job done to excellence. According to Steamer Guide, if you are looking to bu the best steam cleaner for a big commercial building, you will need a heavy and big equipment. Make your choice according to the purpose you will be using it for.

The size of the water tank

You will only continue to get cleaning steam from your cleaner as long as there is water in the tank. If you go for a smaller steam cleaner, you will have less steam. You should keep filling up the tank to compete for the job. If you do not want to be refilling your tank now and then, you should go for a larger steam cleaner. As you make your choice, you have to tussle with the question of the size of the tank.


The amount of money you have set aside for the steam cleaner will have a lot to do with what you end up buying. According to what you want with your steam cleaner, you will have to adjust your budget to meet those expectations. If you want more from your cleaner, you have to dig deeper into your pocket to meet the price. It is always important that you buy something that will give you peace of mind when you use it.…

filtered water

How to Find the Best Household Water Filter

The right filter device can make a big difference in the safety and quality of your tap water. But, how do you find this best filter system considering the variety available? A question that requires a lot of research and time to get the correct answer that will help you find a system that will ensure both quality and safety of your tap water.

With all contaminants found in our home water system, you need an accurate system that will guarantee you the best and safe water for your daily consumptions. Remember some systems are good and some are not, make sure you check the Discount Filters Twitter for more information. Here are some helpful criteria that you can use and find the right filter available.

Technology applied

waterIn water, we have many contaminants, and each impurity requires a unique technology to deal with it differently. The best water filter system should use many methods of purification for perfect and safe water.

It is wise to consider a multi-device for they are very reliable and competent in water purifications. You can hire someone with experience to help you select a brand with many programs and insist on the once with high tech advancement.

Accuracy of the filter

Make sure that you select a 99%! No brand will guarantee a hundred percent purification, a rational world maybe. However, when it comes to separating synthetic compounds like SOCs or VOCs, THMs, lead, and chlorine 99% purification is the best.

You can assess this by adding lead ion with water into a system and test the final solution if the lead has been eliminated. This process takes some time, but it is great to have it done because the best system should remove all ions from water completely.


A perfect water filter device should give some proof of the machine products and effectiveness. Mostly they will have their documentation and certifications from the necessary credible agency to prove that the tool trustworthy and efficiency. With this in any product assures that you are buying a good machine that will meet more than your expectations.

The initial cost

filter waterWe all know that cost is crucial, right? Although it is not a factor to decide which to buy, it is still vital. Make sure the buying price you give is put into consideration. For instance, how many years you can use the machine before going back to replace it and can you get another brand with a higher cost and prevent this. Try and divide the buying price by the number you can spend on that machine for a realistic fee to use.

Installation procedure

I recommend that you choose a brand that has simple installation procedure. A complex one means you have to hire an expert to install the system; this means merely coughing up extra cash, which is not a wise idea. To add a good water filter should be simple and easy to install that you can do it yourself. Take your time and always insist on the best brand available for a perfect result.…


Services Offered By Professional Floor Cleaning Services

When getting the floor professional cleaning services then you will need to get something that will be worth your money because the services will not be free. Though you will not be able to get all this is if you don’t know some of the services that you should expect for the floor cleaning services. If you have an idea of the services that you should expect from the professional floor cleaning services, then you will be able to know if you are getting what you deserve or not. Once you know all the services, then it will be easy to hire someone. Click here for the best floor cleaning company near Plano TX. Here is a list of the services offered by professional floor cleaning services.

The lobby


One part of the office that will frequently be used is the lobby that why the professional floor cleaning services should involve cleaning of the lobby and the waiting area. The waiting room and the lobby will be the dirtiest that’s why cleaning should be done daily like they should clean any paper that might have been used on the previous day but may not be needed anymore. The place should be vacuumed because if the place is dirty, it will not attract so many clientele.

Door and windows

If you are using the services of a professional floor cleaning services, then you will not have to deal with dirty windows because they know it’s their duty to ensure that the windows are spotless at any time of the day. They should be aware of the right ways they should clean the windows and the doors. Because when it comes to the material, they will not all the cleaned the same. The floor cleaners will know the right soap to use and where it should be used to ensure that the windows are not left with dirty spots once they are cleaned.

The trash cans


Have you been in some offices only to notice that the trash can is so full that some trash is falling off? If you have the professional floor cleaning services and the trash can is full always know that they are not doing their job then. The professional floor cleaning services should be responsible for the trash can it’s his or her job to ensure that the trash can is empty at all times. If the trash can is not regularly emptied, then the office will stink, and the environment will not be that friendly. If the customers notice that you cannot even take care of your dustbin, then he or she will not be ready to trust you with whatever you are offering.…

plumber working

Ultimate guide when finding a plumber

Imagine during the cold season having your hot shower boiler breaks or when already late for an important meeting, pipe in your home bursts. In reality, plumbing problems arise when least expected. To avoid such kind of expectations, you need the best plumber: who fits and repairs the pipes and fittings of the heating systems.

Most people always want arising plumbing situations to be sorted quickly not bearing in mind the crucial details they have to look for to significantly help them in proper decision making. Henceforth it is good to have the best plumber that will help solve your household plumbing issues. The ultimate guide when finding a plumber include:

The license and insurance of the plumber

license and insurance

First and foremost, hiring a plumber without certified credentials makes his/her work unverifiable and thus there is a high chance that the work done will be shoddy. Some plumbing duties are very complex like fitting heating systems and thus requires high levels of skills. On the matter of insurance, to avoid extra costs you may incur like having to pay for a plumber’s treatment hurt while working on your premises, then ensure the plumber is insured. Certification and insurance of the plumber is a sufficient characteristic to look out for.

Acquire recommendations

Getting first-hand information be it from your family or friends regarding a plumber who has previously worked them is far much better than trying to look over the internet for a better one. First of all, you will be assured of quality plumbing service based on the previous experiences and at times you may also be subjected to a discount.

Proper communication of the problems

As earlier stated, there are many types of plumbing duties requiring different professional plumbers. When say contacting a plumbing company for their services, it is essential to clearly illustrate the kind of problem you have so that they send the suitable plumber for the job. If you feel like the company seems not to properly address your concerns well then that is a sign of bad plumbing services then look for alternative options. Even when the plumber arrives, communicate with the person and get a proper overview of the situation.

Look out for reviews and references

get references

When looking for plumbers over the internet, it is important to read on site their reviews and references. Logically, the one that has got lots of positive reviews is a good plumber. For the best plumbing services, talk to the Kirkland plumber.




Why you should have an espresso machine

Making coffee at the comfort of your home or office can be awesome because of all the hassle that comes with taking coffee outside is reduced. The time you would have used going out to that fancy restaurant is well utilized and used to do a different productive activity. How many times have you felt like exploding because of standing for hours in a queue of your favorite coffee outlet? With the right equipment, coffee in your house will cut you off all that stress. Every coffee enthusiast should at least know how to make the different types of coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, and latte are the common styles which you can try at home or office. There are machines specially made to brew these varieties of coffee.


The espresso machine is one of them which can also be used to brew the cappuccino and latte types. They are of002 different kinds with some having extra features compared to the others. Click here for a review of the varieties and prices of the espresso machine. You should consider several things when buying this device. The feature it bears compared to the others is essential. Its quality and durability should be factored to reduce the number of repairs, and lastly, you shouldn’t forget its efficiency and ease of cleaning. There are some reasons why you should own an espresso machine whether at home or your workplace. Here are some of them.


Improves your coffee knowledge

With this machine readily available before you, you will be able to learn a lot of things regarding coffee brewing. You can learn new things concerning the different methods of brewing this drink and implement it at the comfort of your home. You can try new ingredients like adding different sweeteners to see if they can work on coffee. You never know you may improvise a new type of coffee and name it after yourself.


Saves you time and money

The amount spent in buying a mug of espresso every day will reduce drastically. Investing in this machine means you will purchase coffee making ingredients which are budget friendly. With such constituents, you can make as many cups as you want which you cannot compare to what you used to buy every day. The time you would have used going out for a cup is managed because you are doing it in the comfort of your home.


You can play the host

003Coffee is a favorite bonding drink. Most people would instead meet up at a coffee spot but not an alcohol joint. Couples also prefer going for coffee dates. Having an espresso machine at your home will make you the ultimate host. You can bring in friends to your place and make them coffee as you chat. Your girl can also come over for coffee at your home.…


A Guide To Buying A Real Estate Property

A real estate property is a significant investment that must be properly planned for. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you make the right type of investment and that the property purchased will give you value for money. Here is a guide to buying a real estate property:


The location is a key factor to consider when investing on a real estate property. Its location significantly determines the value of such property. A costa rica real estate for sale situated in a prime location will cost more than a property located in an area that is not easily accessible.


However, some people choose to buy property while anticipating an increase in value due to various factors. For instance, a planned railway line may lead to an increase in property value. For this reason, it is thus necessary to choose a property that is found in an ideal location.

Due Diligence

Real estate transactions can be murky. Hence, ensure that you carry out due diligence to ensure that the transaction is legitimate and that the property you are buying is not part of a legal dispute. Conduct a search of the title deed to ascertain that it is valid and can be transferred to a different party.

Source Of Financing

asdasdsaSource of funding is a critical factor when investing in real estate property. These types of investment involve a high amount of capital hence most people rely on financial institutions to fund it. Identify a suitable institution to help you fund the property. In addition, it is important to choose a financial institution with low interest rates to reduce the financial burden that the investment has on you.

Use An Expert Opinion

It is important to seek assistance from professionals when investing in real estate. Experts can tell you whether the investment is viable and provide you with useful advice on the right type of investment to make. The magnitude of such investments dictates that you get it right the first time because there is only a tiny window for a do-over.

Have Realistic Expectations

Do not dedicate all of your energy and resources towards investing in real estate since market forces can hinder you from realizing returns on investment within the anticipated timeline. Keep your options open and be realistic with your expectations. It is always best to diversify your investment portfolio to minimize investment risks.

Calculate Your Expected Return Of Investment

Ensure that you calculate your expected return of investment to determine whether the investment you are making is economically viable. Avoid sinking your money into a project that will put you into more debt.…


Services offered by modern electrical technicians

Modern electrical technicians are not just about fixing the wiring in your house. There are many services that you can get from the modern electrician. The modern electricians in Ringwood are now more inclined to the home security. Today, if you want to upgrade the security system of your home and make your home safe, then you need to consider looking for an electrician. Electrician Ringwood has all it takes to make your home safe through the use of technology. If you have thought that an electrician is just someone who fixes your lights, here are the modern electrical services.

What does a modern electrician do?

Alarm systems

An electrician is the best person if you want to install an alarm system in your home. Alarm systems are an important aspect of your home security because they scare burglars away. The modern electricians are skilled in the modern alarm system, and they will install a system that is ideal for your needs. For instance, today we have alarm systems that are sensitive to pressure and also light making them very advanced. No matter the kind of system that you want, your electrician will always make sure that you get one.


Home heating system

Home heating systems are a big deal, and it is important to make sure that you install a good home heating system. With a good home heating system, you will avoid constant break downs, and you will save a lot of money on heating. Heating costs are very high, and if you are still stuck with your old heating system, then it is time to consider making a change. An electrician will advise you on the best home heating system for your home.

Modern lock system

Long gone are the days when the only way to lock your home was using a key and padlock. This is quickly changing because of the modern technology. Right now electricians have mastered the new ways of securing the home. We now have technology that limits the access of people to your home or building.


Cctv surveillance

Cctv surveillance is something that is common in almost every home. The work of CCTV is not necessarily to necessarily to protect your home but to keep away invaders. When people realize that your home has CCTV surveillance, then burglars and trespassers will stay away. It is the work on an electrical electrician to install CCTV surveillance in your home.…


A Small Guide To Purchasing The Right Condo


With the currently unpredictable economic situation, many people find it very hard to afford purchasing a house. As a result, they usually opt to buy condos, which come across as a great alternative to houses. A condo is a great alternative because it provides a place to live and ownership at a much lower cost than purchasing an entire residence. It is quite similar to an apartment, given that it is one of many units that make up a complex, with community areas such as gardens, pools, and walkways.

Condo ownership includes owning one specific condo unit and everything within the walls, however not the outside yard. If you are interested in buying a condo, make sure to find the right one, one that will meet your requirements and suit yours and your family’s needs. To help you out with this, we will offer you a few useful tips.

Look for a reliable real estate agent

22lkdfkdkjFor starters, look for a team of reliable real estate professionals, such as the ones found at While you may find a great condo at a great location, it will take too much of your time and money. With the help of an expert real estate agent, the whole process will go much smoother and quicker. Also, an agent will have a much easier time finding the right condo, and will probably find the ones you missed. They will also help you submit an offer, negotiate the terms of the purchase and the price, and ensure that everything goes without any issues.

The location

Now, even though your real estate manager will handle the majority of work, it is still up to you to choose the right location. To do that, make sure to consult with your family and discuss each member’s needs. Make a list of a few neighborhoods that you would like living in. When making a choice, make sure to pay attention to the local health institutions, shopping centers, schools, how long it will take you to commute to your workplace and so on.

The amenities

Next up, consider the amenities you would like to have at your disposal. This is also something that your real estate agent can help you with. Make a list of your needs and submit it to your agent, so that they will know what to look for and focus on. If you love to swim, include a pool in your list, if you don’t feel like walking up and down the stairs too much, write down “ground floor unit.” Also, if you are a barbecue lover, don’t forget to include a patio.

Ask for recommendations and do some research

Of course, start by asking your agent if they have any recommendations. You should also ask your friends and colleagues too. There is always a chance you could find something that your agent might have missed. Therefore, spare some time to research various condominium complexes by visiting a variety of websites specifically dedicated to condos.

Gather all the documentation

33jjrkjIf you are ready to make an offer, make sure to obtain all the necessary documentation from the condo owner’s association. Keep in mind that you will probably have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to that association. Also, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulation the association imposes on all the homeowners that live in a given unit.…


Buying a condominium in Hilton Head Island

If you are in South Carolina, and you are considering buying a condominium that is located in a laid back region, then you should check out Sea Pines Plantation Real Estate. This company has a lot to offer whether it be condo units, villas, or luxury houses. They are all in Hilton Head Island, which is known for its sandy beach and golf courses. These make it perfect for you and your family to live in or just have a vacation on anytime you want to.

Below, we are going to provide you with some tips for buying a condominium in the said area.

Contact a real estate agent

dhgdhgd64Calling a real estate agent would help a lot if you would like to get a good deal on a condominium in Hilton Head Island. This professional will be able to show you some properties that meet your requirements. So, once you have found an agent, tell him or her the things that you are looking for. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want one that has a balcony? What about the amenities of the condo building? Does it have a swimming pool? Is there a gym? What about the view from your unit? These are just some of the things that you should decide on.

After telling the real estate agent all your requirements, then he or she will look for properties that meet your criteria. All you have to do at that point is to choose.

Check the floor area

One important thing that you have to do when choosing a condo unit to purchase is to look at the floor area. This way, you would know the setup of the unit itself and how wide every room is.

Ask if changes are allowed

If there are some changes that you would like to be done on the unit that you are considering to buy, ask the real estate company if they will allow that. Most of the time, they allow some minor changes. But this is something that you should clarify before signing any contract and putting a down payment in.


Ask about the association fees

With condo units on Hilton Head Island or anywhere in the world, you can expect some association fees. But it is important that you make this clear upfront. Ask them how much it is and how often do you have to pay. This way, you would know how much to prepare. You can also determine if it is worth it or not.…


How to choose the perfect washbasin for your home

A washbasin demonstrates a lot about your personal taste and lifestyle, and it is also one of the most utilized items in your house. Additionally, it also becomes the primary point of focus once someone gets into the bathroom. Hence your washbasin is not only required to be functional, but it should also look stylish and beautiful. Since there are numerous options available when it comes to color, size, material, design and so forth, selecting the appropriate washbasin can be demanding task. However, below is a useful guide to help you in narrowing down your choices and make your shopping enjoyable and easy:

Size of the basin

tyfthfgyugfhyjfvhjThe size that you choose is going to determine how pleasant or unattractive your bathroom is going to look. Therefore you should consider how much space is available in your bathroom, cloakroom or other rooms and what washbasin size is suitable for that space. Ensure that you also look at the place you are going to place your basin. If your bathroom is a big one, you have a broad variety to select from. You can choose pedestal basins or countertop basins. You can also opt for a corner basin, wall-mounted basin or other small basins that would not take up much space.

Method of application

Some basins which are made to be placed on top of a unit and others are designed to be mounted on a wall. So ensure that you know what you want before making a decision because a counter-top basin cannot be mounted on a wall.

Shape of the basin

Once you have made a decision on the size and style of the basin, the next decision you have to make concerns the shape of the basin. Today washbasins are available in a couple of different shapes like oval, leaf, square, star, lotus and so much more. A lot of companies even offer the service of customization. Therefore if you desire to have a basin designed in a certain shape and cannot find it in the market, then you can have it customized for you.


ydtdtyfhgfhgfWashbasins are available in the market at different price ranges. So make sure that the one you choose fits your budget. If you want a basin that is a little bit above your budget, then it is totally okay to go with it because washbasins are an investment that is long-term. Once they are correctly installed they will last for a lot of years to come.…


How to choose a new front door

A brand new front door is capable of transforming your home and creating an excellent first impression for the people who visit your home. However, it is vital to conduct your research appropriately beforehand. This is essential because choosing the wrong style or size can be a costly and time-consuming blunder. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a door such as design, size, material, construction, budget, and accessories. They are as follows:



Off-the-shelf doors are available in different standard and popular sizes. These sizes are usually classified by width, and they range from 30” to 36”. If your frame does not fall under any standard size, you can trim the door to fit. A lot of wooden doors can be trimmed by up to 12mm along each edge. In some instances, you might be better of purchasing an entire door set, which comprises of a frame and matching door. This can be beneficial if you possess an older property whose original frame may have cracked or warped after a given period.



The front door usually sets the tone for your entire home. Therefore it is vital to pick a design and color that matches with the overall architectural style. For instance, an ornate glazed and paneled door is suitable for an Edwardian or Victorian house, whereas clean and minimalist lines are usually the right choice for modern homes. This is also the case for other fittings like door handles and letterboxes as well.


The way the door is constructed plays a significant role too. Less expensive dowel doors are built from kiln-dried wood that is assembled using adhesive and fluted dowels. Premium M&T (mortice and tenon) are created from specially picked kiln-dried timber and assembled using traditional mortice and tenon joints and adhesive so as to have heavy weather- proof properties.


The most common type of natural material utilized in front doors is timber, mainly pine, hemlock, and oak. Solid timber usually warps or cracks over time. Because of this issue, most wooden doors are made from engineered timber. This is done by gluing together small pieces of wood to create a multi-layered construction that is stable and stronger than solid timber.


rdgfcghcvghYour choice will obviously be dependent on the size of your budget. If it happens that price is a major concern for you, it is advisable to select a door manufactured from engineered hemlock or pine. A lot of doors are available without glazing thus giving you the option of inserting your own stained or patterned glass so as to have an individual touch.…

Quinta das Abelhas

WWOOF Central Portugal

Jul 22nd 2007sophieblogging & webstuff & wwoof

As we have far more WWOOFers and other volunteers applying to come to Quinta das Abelhas than we can accommodate, we’re finally gotten around to setting up a new website (an idea we’ve had for ages) to bring together hosts and volunteers. The aim is to provide a useful resource for host farms offering volunteer work placements, and volunteers who’d like to visit this region – a kind of “one stop shop” for volunteering in Central Portugal:

Obviously in its very early stages at the moment we’re encouraging everyone to join in and contribute!

The website offers a free page to each host to describe and publicise their volunteer opportunities and contact details, plus a blog for hosts and woofers to write their thoughts, ideas, experiences, news, ask for volunteers/volunteer placements, etc….

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eco-living project update

Jul 18th 2007sophietechnopeasant

so … our neighbour’s land actually has TEN owners!we’re now waiting on the paperwork to come through giving the one owner that lives in our village the legal power to sign on behalf of everyone else ….

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Yurt report

Jul 6th 2007bandittechnopeasant

We’ve recently bought a small quinta in Santa Ovaia and hope to move out to Portugal in a couple of years after we have finally built a house to live in!

On our most recent visit to Portugal we thought we might try and find somewhere slightly more exciting to stay than the usual guest house, B&B etc. – how about Pure Portugals new Yurt? After a few emails to Sophie it was all arranged, we’d stay at Quinta das Abelhas in the (yet to be erected) new Yurt.

With a week to go before our visit I thought we should just check with Sophie all was well with the Yurt – the reply came back… it isn’t erected yet but we’re working on it!

A week later we arrived in Porto and after an uneventful drive down to Quinta das Abelhas we arrived a bit earlier than planed. We were met by a slightly panicked Sophie! We were the first guests staying in Sophie & Andy’s new Yurt and because it had only just been erected the poles still smelt of new paint. To help clear the air they had left the top open the night before. Naturally this year’s bad weather had conspired against them and yes, you guessed it, it rained like never before all night. We were greeted with the words “we’ve had a bit of a problem, would you like a cup of tea?” So while Sophie rushed about solving the problem we were very ably delayed by the rest of the family – Charlie, Sid and Tom as well as their lovely WOOFER Claire. Charlie made us some tea and then Claire gave us a tour of the quinta which is a little piece of heaven with great views. What more could you want? We also met the dogs, cats, chickens and Sophie’s three horses.

The Yurt Inside

During the tour I asked Claire what the small building at the top of the slope was and she told us it was the composting toilet. We had read on Sophie & Andy’s web site about the “loo with a view” and they weren’t joking. It has a huge picture window and a great view of the local countryside. Luckily the ground falls away steeply in front of it so no one can see in unless they are on the opposite hill with a telescope. Mind you, you never know!

When we got back, Sophie was ready to show us the Yurt. To be honest, if she hadn’t of told us we would never have known there was a problem as everything was completely dry! There was a comfortable double bed and electricity was laid on. We even had fairy lights on the wall which looked lovely at night. We had seen pictures of Yurt’s before but we were still impressed by the comfort. If you’ve ever been camping then this was luxury! There was even a settee and bookcase!

Charlie and Tom helped us to get our suitcases from the car which had to be parked a little way from the yurt. After unpacking a few things it was time to try out the solar shower. The one next to the Yurt wasn’t plumbed in yet so we used the family’s shower instead and got to see Monika’s lovely mosaic floor. It was really nice after our long journey to have a hot shower. The shower next to the yurt was plumbed in by the next day and our next shower in that revealed just how hot a solar shower can get!! It was almost too hot.

We had a couple of evening meals with the family during our stay. Andy is the cook and most of the food had been home-grown by them. On the first day Andy came in proclaiming that he had just read the book and all parts of the evening primrose plant were good to eat – so he was putting some of the flowers in the salad. Well the book was right (thankfully) and they tasted great – slightly peppery. All the food & wine we had during our stay with Andy & Sophie was delicious. A special thanks also to Sid who seems to be the cake maker and to all of them for their great company.

We really enjoyed our stay at Quinta das Abelhas and were made to feel welcome by the whole family. It was nice too, to meet some people near the place we one day intend to be living. On the Thursday at the market in Arganil we also met Andy’s dad and his wife, as well as their friends, so we are beginning to feel a little less like tourists. We also met some more of our Portuguese neighbours in Santa Ovaia and although our …