It’s a dismal day today with lots of rain (hence the poor quality of the photos due to the light – or lack of) but the smell of this granola coming out of the oven is enough to cheer you up!


I’ve been thinking of making granola for a while, but didn’t actually start looking at recipes until last night when Andy – eating sugar-laden store-bought stuff – suggested we should try making our own cereal. So I looked up a few recipes and then adapted one to suit our tastes and the ingredients to hand:


For the syrup:
100ml maple syrup
100ml honey
3 tblsp coconut oil
1 tblsp olive oil

For the oat mix:
500g porridge oats
2 handfuls whole almonds
handful pistachio nuts
handful linseeds (flax seeds)
handful hemp seeds
handful sunflower seeds
handful pumpkin seeds
dessertspoon ground cinnamon

handful each of dried peaches, dried pears, dried plums
I also added the last few remaining dried cherries and dried cranberries we had (about 1tblsp of each) and some dessicated coconut (about 2 tblsps).

1. Gently heat the syrup ingredients in a pan
2. Mix the oat mix ingredients in a big bowl
3. Add the syrup ingredients to the oat mix and stir well.
4. Put in a big baking tray (I used an enamel one, you may need to line your tray with greaseproof paper if not non-stick) and bake for about 40 mins, stirring gently every 10 mins or so. I wanted some finer mix, some larger lumps so stirred it carefully so as not to break it up too much. Our woodstove was on “hot” which I guess is around 200 degs C.
5. Remove from oven when golden brown (it crisps up more as it cools).
6. Leave to cool then stir in additional ingredients of your choice.
7. Store in airtight container.


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One Response to Granola

  1. Pumpkin says:


    Your granola looks yummy, a delicious combination! I will definitely be giving it a try. I have used both of these recipes in the past (one cooked, one raw) and they are great. I especially love having the raw one with dried mulberries and almond mylk:

    In love and light
    Pumpkin x

    PS. I am loving your blog, so much information and inspiration – thank you!

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