Rainy Day Roast

It’s another rainy day here so what else to do than make a roast?

I’ve made one of my favourite recipes -  Cranks Nut Roast. It’s really simple and really tasty. Today I’ve made it with leeks instead of onions (as we have loads in the garden at the moment), and I’ve used 200g peanuts and 25g walnuts. Bread was some leftover home-made rye/spelt from a couple of days ago.

We’ll have it with roasted potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, beetroot, and carrot, some green beans that I want to use up so I can defrost the freezer, and leek gravy made with good old Bisto ;)

Cramks Roast nut_0001

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One Response to Rainy Day Roast

  1. Alice says:

    ooooo sounds lush :-)

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