Springing into Action!

Love this time of year, the gardens are looking amazing, got loads of strawberries almost ripe, and lots of little blueberries and redcurrants on the bushes. Also looks like we’re going to have a bumper crop of Szechuan pepper this year.

Still got many many leeks, cabbages and salad greens for eating now, and the tomatoes, peppers, squashes, etc are all in and not all have been eaten by slugs!

Today we’ve been collecting up all the trees we still have in pots and putting them in the dappled shade under the big olive tree by the house, so we can give them some extra care over the hot summer ready to take with us when we move.

Andy’s completed installing the drip irrigation in his garden, and helpers Beth and Kev have been doing an awesome job clearing and manuring beds ready for more planting.  They’ve also renovated the overgrown outdoor bathroom ready for some moonlight soaks.

The horses are very happy with all the green grass and look beautiful grazing amongst all the chamomile and corn marigolds. The hillsides are beautiful with lavender and broom, flowers are starting to blossom everywhere,  kiwis are growing almost before our eyes and already giving shade to the outdoor dining table, the jasmine outside the cottage is smelling gorgeous and the wisteria at the front still has lots of blooms despite a hard prune this year.

Will try to get some photos up on the blog soon :)

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