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Top Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

Recent studies have shown that mold is present in more than 60% of homes. Other than being unsightly, it has other adverse effects. Do you know that there are types of mold that can cause life-threatening and severe health conditions? That is one of the reasons you need to take precautions when it comes to handling mold. Considering the extent of contamination, you are likely to lose a lot of money as far as the home renovation is concerned. Fortunately, there are some methods and tips you can use to prevent mold.

Measure Indoor Humidity

mold problemYou should note that mold cannot survive without moisture. Remember that leaks and spills are some of the sources of moisture in any property. Another leading contributor is gaseous water and humidity. When you discover mold in the home or afraid of mold, you should get a hygrometer. This is a device that measures the level of humidity. Place the device where you can see and keep checking it on a regular basis.

Open the Windows

Another vital factor to consider when it comes to stopping mold growth is air tracts. As you know, the air holds a given amount of vapor. As a result of temperature changes, water is likely to condense. When that happens, you can see water droplets on walls and windows. With proper ventilation, you can prevent this problem. Keeping the windows open is a great way of keeping air circulating in the home. Ensure air keeps moving freely in your home by running ceiling fans, HVAC systems, and standing fans.

Use Exhaust Fans

mold remediation serviceNearly every home has a minimum of two exhaust fans; one in the bathroom and another in the kitchen. These fans are not for decoration purposes. Rather, they are meant to help you vent moisture and smoke away. It is advisable to keep the exhaust fan running whenever you are boiling water, without which you will add vapor to your home. The vapor can stick to the walls of your kitchen. As a result, it will increase indoor humidity and accelerate mold growth. Always adapt to the same technique whenever you are using the shower or tub.

Monitor Outdoor Drainage

Landscaping can help keep mold away. You should pay attention to the given path that the water takes on your home. If your home is situated in a sloped area, the water will drain away easily. However, if the water pools around the home, this may result in serious problems.…